It Appears My Happiness Has Some People Resenting Me ➰

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America - 2014 


Never forget, even after the hype dies down.

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I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time. (via gothics)

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: Well I just realized I cant have my entire life revolve around him.
I cant worry about if hes doing right by me.
I have to be happy and I cant do that if all my energy is spent on something so temporary.
I have to put 99% into myself
and leave that one percent for him.
He wont be the first thought when i wake up in the morning anymore.
I’ll be .
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Eyewitness speaks on the murder of Mike Brown 

Tell the story. Tell it.

He needs to testify in court

They’ll NEVER allow him to testify in court. Because he knows the true story.

once you know the truth they’ll say you’re lying.

Blow this video up so that everyone knows the truth

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